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"Knowledge can be seen as something which the organism builds up in the attempt to order the as such amorphous flow of experience by establishing repeatable experiences and relatively reliable relations between them." - Ernst von Glasersfeld

Teaching Philosophy

I believe learning is a process of deep conceptual construction that requires the learner to actively engage with material and situate it within their individual context (e.g., previously-constructed knowledge, culture, etc.). To be an effective teacher, I must provide both accessible material and ample opportunity for students to effectively engage with that material. Whether I am lecturing or developing a semester-long lesson plan, I adapt the material and presentation style to fit the learners' skill level, previously-constructed knowledge, and cultural/individual contexts as best possible. I encourage discussion and idea-testing and create opportunities for learners to ask and attempt to answer their own questions whenever possible. Additionally, I think that this active approach to learning requires a setting in which learners feel comfortable making mistakes; it is my job as teacher to actively work to make my classrooms, workshops, etc., safe environments. 

Teaching experience

Graduate Level

  • Adjunct Instructor, Learning Theory and Human Growth/Development (University of Louisville, ECPY 507/607)
  • Teaching Assistant (multiple semesters), Learning Theory and Human Growth/Development (University of Louisville, ECPY 507/607)
  • Teaching Assistant (multiple semesters), Evaluation and Measurement (University of Louisville, ECPY 540)
  • Guest Lecturer, Human Development (University of Louisville, ECPY 605)
  • Guest Lecturer, Differential Diagnosis (University of Louisville, ECPY 629)

Undergraduate Level

  • Guest Lecturer, Human Development and Learning (University of Louisville, EDTP 107)