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Individual and societal understandings of gender diversity have expanded and continue to expand. This can leave many of us feeling like we are “behind the times” or “out of the loop” and can mean that we are not fully equipped to provide transgender and gender diverse people the support and care they need and deserve. It is okay to have questions and to be confused, but it is also each of our responsibilities to advance our comprehension and competence. Such efforts are in fact vital in the face of the serious health disparities faced by trans and gender diverse people, and the high rates of discrimination and violence, particularly against more marginalized members of the TGD community, such as Black trans women and non-Black trans women of color. I am grateful and enthusiastic that you are seeking to join me in this work. Below you will find resources geared toward both the general public and those specifically interested in the psychology and mental health experiences and needs of TGD people.

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